Our Story

The EYEX story began in 1977 with Chatoo & Co. Ltd on Lowndes Street, Knightsbridge with a bright vision of fashioning London's West End with luxury eyewear from all over Europe. It has grown to become one of the UK's most premiere Opticians providing leading eye care services with luxury products to very high profile clientele. Being the first of seven Cartier Eyewear dealers in the UK over thirty years ago, Chatoo & Co. Ltd have built strong relationships with its suppliers, bringing consumers the finest quality eyewear.

It seemed like a natural step to introduce EYEX.co.uk to run alongside Chatoo & Co as the digital age rapidly changed everything about retail. EYEX.co.uk begins a new chapter online bringing customers the forty years of experience and professional know-how, as well as delivering high fashion eyewear right to your doorstep.

Our success and reputation in the Optical Industry has meant that we have been entrusted to run a pilot scheme as the first official online retailer of Cartier Eyewear.

“The heritage of Eyex is totally luxury – it’s all that we know”

As fashion plays a leading role at EYEX.co.uk, we pay particular attention to the latest forecasts and trends so we can ensure we are stocked up with the finest eyewear collections available around the world. You won’t miss out!

We bring our traditional methods of customer service right to your digital devices. How? Simple - we achieve this by investing in the latest technology which enables us to be standing beside you for your whole journey with EYEX.co.uk. From choosing your frames to helping you with your prescription by using our interactive tools, and on to delivering them right to your doorstep. Why? Because nothing means more to EYEX.co.uk than a happy customer.